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Grow with MO – Muscle and Strength Guide

This program is all about getting big and strong. My 13-week power building program focuses not only on packing on muscle but also making some huge strength gains. The MAS guide comes with everything you need to grow a bigger, stronger and a complete aesthetic physique with 13 weeks of varying programming and a 50 plus page EBook going over every detail.

Whilst at uni, writing a scientific paper, preparing for exams and making YouTube videos I needed something pretty special to maximize my progress in the gym as well as enjoying every session. This is when I first started running my program and since last year I’ve refined every detail. GWM MAS utilises traditional bodybuilding and powerlifting principles, bringing the best of both worlds together.

What’s Included in my MAS program

  • 13 week training program including one deload week
  • Include compound movements such as squats, bench and deadlift
  • Daily undulating and linear periodization
  • 5 training days, 2 rest days per week
  • Get big and strong
  • Access to the exclusive Facebook group
  • Personal support
  • Videos for the exercises
  • Access to the AFLETE app

What’s Included in my E-Book?

  • 50 plus pages
  • Essential training principles
  • Progressive overload
  • RPE
  • Deloading
  • Basics of Bulking
  • How much weight to gain
  • Information on macro and micronutrients
  • How to calculate calories and macronutrients
  • Meal timing and macro cycling
  • How to diet
  • What to eat
  • Budget bulking
  • My personal meal plan
  • Supplementation – which is actually worth taking
  • Cheat days
  • Cardio
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Grow with Mo: Shred

Everything I do to get shredded! This guide will help transform your body and achieve that ripped aesthetic look. Training is based on a strength and hypertrophy pull, push legs split; programmed to hit every muscle group twice a week in order to optimise progress!

The program is 8 weeks in total consisting of 6 training days and 1 rest day per week. This is the exact program I’m currently following because it gets RESULTS.

Training is split up into a series of high volume hypertrophy days and low volume strength days utilising both powerlifting and classic bodybuilding techniques for the best of both worlds.

Included is a 29 page PDF. You’ll get my personal meal plan, which supplements to take and why, info on the guide, a Q & A going over things like diet and macro tracking and much more! This is an intermediate cutting program also suitable beginners focusing on shredding and getting ripped. Although the primary focus is to get shredded, I’ve designed the training in a way so it would be suitable for beginners looking to pack on some muscle as well. Heavy compound lifts are a common theme throughout which is a great way to track progress when dieting but also a brilliant fit for newbies who want to gain size and are looking to advance to heavier weight, lower rep work.

Video tutorials for each exercise

Access to the Facebook community

Free access to the AFLETE APP where you can track, log and time your workouts as you go.

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